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RCMP’s Health Modernization Team: Worthy of Monty Python?

Moderator’s Comment:

What follows is the RCMP’s Audit of Long Term Sick Leave from the Chief Human Resources Officer (Ottawa); and then a retired member’s take on it.  Some might describe the audit as bafflegab.  Has the issue of a safe workplace been addressed?  Has the implementation of effective grievance processes been addressed?  Have members’ outstanding grievance/harassment issues been addressed?  Have the causes that put members’ on long term sick leave been addressed?  You decide. Read more…

Thoughts from an RCMP Spouse – Update

Almost tw0 years ago I wrote this:

Thoughts from an RCMP Spouse

Nov 28

As a wife of a current member I have witnessed most if not all the  bullying that has gone on with being a member of the RCMP.  I’ve heard for years now not only from my husband but from others that I have become close to in the RCMP about the wrong doings within the force. What is very upsetting is that I am hearing these comments more and more frequently.

It’s the never ending saga of “the unknown” what will they do next, what’s on their agenda today, are they setting me up to push me out? I’ve done everything they have wanted me to do and more, oh yes the more, that is, the standing up for my subordinates…

That’s the more they didn’t like and for that I become a target of bullying, harassment, lost opportunity for promotion and grievance’s not being dealt with.  Let’s brush it under the carpet…pretend this person who has given 20 plus years of their life and pretend he didn’t exist. The RCMP is your first family and your blood family is second.

I’ve stood by my husband through his sleepless nights, his bouts of depression, his anger outbursts, and lack of energy, the paranoia, no longer interested in things that made him happy.  The hours that lead into days doing nothing, feeling unprotected and no gratitude and the why me comments.  He gave his life to the RCMP which without a doubt cost him his first marriage…after all how can a healthy relationship flourish when you’re never home, always being there at their beck and call. And then along with that not being there for his kids and now that they are adults and have issues feels responsible because yet he wasn’t there. Why wasn’t he there, because he was one of the elite that was needed always needed for his first family the RCMP.

I have watched my husband being one of those that was always on the go and passionate about his career to watching him each day to becoming more and more disillusioned and soon become depressed at what was happening.  He would jump out of bed at 3am when his pager went off because he was needed!! I would always question why are you doing that. I would say you’re crazy. But he loved it, he was needed and wanted to make a difference.  After all he was a proud member of the RCMP!  I let him go being truly happy for him and happy for our country that we have such devoted souls.

WHAT HAPPENED??? He spoke the truth; stood up for his people…He enjoyed the camaraderie with the men and women he worked with, but was never one to put his true moral values behind.  He stood up spoke his mind in a diplomatic professional manner and here he is… work because he didn’t get on board with management.  HMMM does getting on board with management not allow you to have an opinion or comment of your own?  Yes you’re right….you no longer think for yourself…..get on board with management and yes you do as you are told to do….doesn’t matter who you fuck over just do it…After all, the RCMP do no wrong…we have an image to portray… In  my opinion and most Canadians that image is being tainted daily.

I am grateful that he had the bravery to believe firstly in his own morals and not ones that would have made him one of “those”.

In my opinion he may have not  received all the promotions  that he certainly was entitled to, most of those are what the bullies get… the ones on board with management, but at least he has a strong moral conviction in what is right!

I am proud to be his wife because of the beautiful gentle soul that he is but, I am very unhappy that he had to endure years of bullying because of this…

I am so thankful that our son after attending a recruitment meeting called and said “you know mom this career isn’t for me!”.  I was so pleased to hear those words.

They took away my husband but wouldn’t have a chance to do that to my son.



WOW, and the beat goes on……

I wrote that letter almost 2 years ago…..and nothing has changed for the positive that is but everything has changed for the negative! I thought (how ignorant of me) thinking that things perhaps would have changed for the better. I understand morale is at an all time low in many detachments. As anyone still active in the RCMP knows, things have not changed despite the RCMP advising the public and their employees that positive changes are being made through their Wellness Committees etc. It’s the same old bullying, harassing tactics that they have used in the past and continue to use, only in my opinion they are becoming more and more profound as they are getting desperate as June 2014 approaches and Bill C-42 becomes in effect. They must clean up those that are off Off Duty Sick. Now one would think since we live in the 21st century that surely our human rights would mean something. Well I can tell you that unless you are a commissioned officer your human rights are basically non existent.

Needless to say my husband’s symptoms have worsened, our relationship more strained and his and my negative outlook of the RCMP is now reinforced.

As a Canadian I say to myself, certainly this can’t be Canada but as I speak to others I’m clearly told that the reality is “we do live in Canada and it’s quickly becoming a country that once proud Canadians want to flee”.

We had company from overseas. They ask about the RCMP, wanting to see photos, wanting to see, touch the Red Serge. We follow through with their wishes but really all I want to do is scream out “they are corrupt, they treat their members like garbage. They lie, they cheat they will do whatever it takes to protect their image. I hate everything the RCMP stands for. The RCMP are one big lie.

They’ve destroyed a wonderful man, who was once easy going, gentle, caring and patient. His anger, anxiety, his calmness, his patience is no longer. All thanks to those that have bullied, harassed, belittled intimidated and continue to do so.

I’ve wanted to end this long ago but now I’m on board, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. I would never allow my children to be bullied in school, or sports activities, why on earth would allow grown adults to do this to other adults. I’ve made it my mission to inform anyone that I am in contact with about the wrong doings of the RCMP. I have very successfully I might add ,convinced two potential RCMP applicants to apply for an alternate police force. I will continue to do this until I’ve seen some positive changes from the RCMP and until this organization has some form of protection as in a Union or Association.

Where has commissioner Paulson been lately? Has he perhaps been scolded for all the defamatory remarks he’s made in the past whenever he was in the media? The “whistle and twirl of his finger” when speaking about mental illness, the repulsive email to S/Sgt. Chad.

This is the RCMP’s leader.


a person or thing that leads

a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, political group,

a conductor or director

Is this the type of individual that we want to lead the RCMP?

One thing that the RCMP have not destroyed in my husband is his strong honourable character to help those in need and to never give up. I can also say that I was once a quitter but not anymore.


RCMP – Bullies and Egomaniacs Need Not Apply

First, I would like to express my respect and gratitude to the members who have the courage to buck the system and still serve Canadians with such dedication. Thank you.

It has become clear that what is required to restore the reputation,to uplift the morale and to restore public confidence in the RCMP is to establish divisional labour committees that have the authority to negotiate with the upper command structure of the RCMP.
Furthermore,the selection of the Commissioner shall not be an appointed position but elected via divisional ballot.
The position shall be held for no more than four years before an election is called.
The criteria for the position of Commissioner shall be based on length of service,experience,ethical suitability and personal integrity rather than rank.
This would assure that a Commissioner is selected for reasons of suitability and not political affiliations.
Bullies and egomaniacs need not apply.

Timothy E. McNamara

RCMP Members’ Health: Who’s To Blame?

Are you a member of the RCMP?  If so, are you still able to drag yourself to work, or have you succumbed to one of a variety of emotional reactions to the excessive level of stress (toxicity or culture of fear) in your workplace and gone “off duty sick”?  Are you able to muster the motivation, on a daily basis, to serve the public to the best of your ability?  Have you considered leaving the Force?  Do you feel trapped?  Have you ever considered that with an independent association to represent your rights (no different than those of your municipal colleagues) and a collective bargaining agreement in place that you could rekindle the pride and motivation you once had? Read more…

Great Win for Disabled RCMP Veterans

This is a great win for disabled RCMP Veterans.

Rolly Beaulieu

News Release
Disabled RCMP veterans reach settlement with the Canadian Government in disability benefit class action

CNW Newswire 2014-03-07
HALIFAX, March 7, 2014 /CNW/ – Earlier today, Canadian law firms McInnes Cooper and Branch MacMaster announced a proposed class action settlement with the Government of Canada over the reduction of disabled Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) veterans’ long term disability benefits.
The proposed settlement of White and Buote v. Her Majesty the Queen, which still requires Federal Court approval, is projected to provide a total of over $31 million in benefits, plus interest, to approximately 1,000 disabled RCMP veterans. The proposed settlement also provides that the reduction will cease for all RCMP veterans currently receiving benefits and RCMP members who are medically released in the future.
The Federal Court is scheduled to consider approval of the settlement in Halifax on June 20, 2014. If it is approved, class members should receive their refund within six months of approval.

This case was initiated on June 6, 2008 by A. Gerard (“Gerry”) Buote on behalf of all disabled RCMP veterans whose long term disability benefits were being reduced by the amount of their monthly Veterans Affairs disability pension payments.  Mr. Buote passed away after a battle with cancer on August 24, 2009.  Shortly thereafter, David White of Bridgewater took on the role of Representative Plaintiff.
Mr. Buote’s widow, Mrs. Sheri Buote, provided the following statement:  “Gerry started the class action suit because he felt all medically pensioned RCMP members and their families were being denied, and this was the right thing to do.  He’d be incredibly happy today for everyone involved.  I’m very proud of him, and Peter Driscoll was amazing through all of this.”
The class is represented by Peter Driscoll and Dan Wallace of McInnes Cooper and Ward Branch of Branch MacMaster.
“We are honoured to have been able to represent all members of the class, and very pleased with this result,” said lead counsel Peter Driscoll.  “We’re glad we were able to come to a resolution that will end the offset once and for all, and see disabled members who were subject to the offset benefit from the terms of the settlement.”

A Unionized RCMP?: Nothing to Fear

The nightly news recently reported that groups of RCMP members were in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, lobbying for the right to choose the manner in which they wish to associate, and for the right to bargain collectively.  This item set “Twitter” ablaze with negative comments; everything from making it more difficult to fire “bad apples” to fear of the national police service having the right to strike. Read more…

Experts Summit On Challenges Facing The RCMP

Hello Readers,

I was invited to appear in Ottawa before this Committee.  I was unable to do so due to my work commitment.  I thought you might enjoy reading the written submission I sent instead.

Dr. Mike Webster Read more…

Charter Rights Apply to Everyone: RCMP

Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada • P.O. Box 76004 • Langley, BC • V1M 4B7


February 11, 2014
Open letter to all Canadians

The Mounties are a Canadian icon, recognized and respected around the world. As we celebrate our national pride and support our Olympians, it’s important that we also demand fair treatment for the men and women in red who bravely serve in the RCMP.

The RCMP is the only police force in Canada not permitted to form an independent labour association—in contravention of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees everyone in Canada the fundamental freedom of association.

The RCMP Commissioner has unchecked power to fire members for unsatisfactory performance, for economy and efficiency in the Force, or for reasons other than a contravention of the Code of Conduct. His decision is final; there are no guidelines and no appeal process or supervisory board.

RCMP Regulations impose the Staff Relations Representative Program (SRRP) for members. The SRRP reports to RCMP management; because the Commissioner is appointed by the Federal Government, the SRRP is politically controlled.

PTSD and occupational stress injuries are high. Many RCMP members work long hours and are denied access to their annual leave because detachments are chronically understaffed to save money. Adequate police to population ratios are mandated by collective agreements in other police forces in Canada.

The RCMP paid out more than $160.3 million in overtime in 2011/2012 alone! Based on the Force’s December 2011 total compensation rate, that could have funded more than 1,450 new members.

The RCMP is 57th on the pay scale for police constables out of 85 police forces in Canada, as of December 31, 2013.

Canadians deserve better.

On February 18, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the case to decide if the RCMP Regulations unjustifiably infringe the Charter rights of members of the RCMP. If the Court decides in favour of the Regulations, the ramification is that every collective agreement and unionized workplace in Canada will be in jeopardy because precedent will be set by the ruling. It will be the beginning of the end for collective bargaining in Canada, as employers could justifiably impose labour programs and deny employees the right to select independent associations to bargain on their behalf.

The Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC) aims to replace the SRRP as an independent labour association. MPPAC was established in 2010 to fight for the right to engage in collective bargaining through an independent association on behalf of RCMP regular and civilian members across Canada. We strive for excellence in our conduct and obligations. We provide leadership to all of our membership, in affiliation with the Canadian Police Association, on justice issues which affect the quality of life of all Canadians. The Association does not seek or support the right to strike.

JOIN US. Tell the Government that Charter rights apply to all Canadians and that RCMP members must be allowed to form an independent labour association.

Demand that RCMP members be compensated fairly, governed justly, staffed adequately and equipped appropriately to ensure their health and safety on the job. To learn more or to declare your support, visit, like us on Facebook and follow us @CanadaMPPAC on Twitter.

Rae Banwarie
MPPAC President

RCMP: The Commissioner Apologizes Once More

Here we go again.  The Commissioner of the RCMP is apologizing, this time, to an individual member of the RCMP.  Do you recall the last apology he gave for insulting those members of the RCMP dealing with serious adjustment issues?  I’m sure you recall his infamous “whistle and twirl” suggesting that these members were crazy, inferior, or less worthy than those attending the meeting at which he was performing.  Read more…

RCMP Diversity? – LGBTQT

Just wondering as I was reading through the Archived topics, there in one area that is not there.  LGBTQT issues!

I have been through one incident of harassment that included that topic, the RCMP buried it literally.   As being an LBGT person, out and an activist, I basically have been a target for anything and everything.   I just wonder how many of our cases of PTSD overall include the issues pertaining to this one group who is not well represented if tolerated in the RCMP.   If anyone can answer that, it would be appreciated.  Yes I am aware of the past history of the RCMP towards LGBT persons, from the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s … read the book, The Canadian War on Queers, National Security as Sexual Regulation by Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile, it is extraordinary and I have met Gary and he and I of course discussed this and lived through all that and I remember it.

But this has to be an underlying reason for abuse, harassment, homophobia by management.   It doesn’t happen here in the RCMP really?   If anyone out there is a member out or not, get a hold of Ottawa and start pressing them, some want to organize a Advisory Committee, in Diversity.  I would take part but not sure if I can now that I am on leave.

It is interesting because no one talks, and in order to gain diversity and respect you must talk.


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