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2014: An Out of His Depth Commissioner (RCMP?)

Here is the thumbnail sketch of events of the past year in a Police Force whose name has been changed to protect the guilty.

Once upon a time… while claiming to be a “Modern” National Police Force a Canadian Police contractor decided to provide Health Services for PTSD sufferers in their membership.  They saw that other police forces were doing something and so they worked over a few weekends just to make themselves into a World Class example of managerial excellence in the Administration of Police Mental Health care.

When they went public with their Mental Health Service structure they found that other National Police forces were light years ahead in both structure and services.  The Canadian Force said nothing; but internally their executive was embarrassed,…chagrined…and even a little mortified that; they were not an example to any other police agency on earth… and so as usual they decided to investigate themselves over this glaring performance deficit.

A management team made up of Senior managers was formed to inquire and recommend appropriate action.  

Their conclusion was that the other National Police forces typically had a team of 8 psychologists debriefing their members and one person directing the program in each Division. Where as the Canadian Force had 8 persons directing  their program and one psychologist debriefing their members in each Division.

So the Canadian Force hired a “consulting fairy” and paid her a large amount of money for a second opinion.

The “consulting fairy” waived her wand and “Poof”…then she said; “too many persons were managing the program while not enough people were actually delivering the services”….Who would have thought!!!???

So…to prevent another loss of face the Canadian Police Force totally reorganized their Mental health services into four Health Service Managers, 3 Regional Health Service Superintendents and one assistant with a magic wand for each of those Superintendents.  They also implemented a new performance system they felt would give the one Psychologist per Division greater incentive…to work even harder.

This new program was called the “New Mental Health Strategy”!  It was bolstered by Public News releases, Divisional, Sub-divisional, Unit and Detachment meetings, membership dinners and even free pens!…all to get mental health sufferers to ”just come forward”.

There was even discussion of getting new training manuals, better training equipment, extra vacation days and even “bonuses for those who motivated volunteers to volunteer” into the strategy.

The following year a confidential Treasury board audit by the Treasury board elves showed the Canadian Force’s Executive approach was now even further behind than those programs of other National Police Forces.

Humiliated the Canadian Force laid off Division psychologists and even the wand carriers… Claiming poor performance they next halted new program development and turned over the training equipment to the Crown assets disposal gnomes. They even cancelled the magical budgetary allotments for the program.  The magic money saved was re-distributed to the Senior Executive as bonuses, and also for funding of quarterly C.O’s wine and cheese functions for the News media, and for anyone else who cared.  Psychological services were outsourced to volunteer programs run by the membership, and all was done under the continuing title “The new Mental Health Strategy”.

A subsequent audit by the Treasury board elves showed there was absolutely no other National Police force on earth with a Mental Health Services program like the Canadian National Police Force’s “New Mental Health Strategy”.     

 How romantic…So many, doing so very little and with not so very much…sigh.

 (Sort of sounds like a fairy tale…doesn’t it?)


Fantino “Failed Upwards” – Remind you of anyone in the RCMP Senior Ranks???

There is an article in today’s Hill Times about Fantino and how his career “failed upwards” as he wreaked havoc on evey police force he was in charge of. The story quotes “Fantino is a bully and bullies are cowards. They fear seeing others eye to eye. They prefer to condescend, intimidate and squash the defenseless who dare question”. Does that remind you of anyone in the RCMP senior management???


RCMP’s “Webster Initiative” (smear campaign) goes wrong

A Humane Approach

Headline:”We hope the release of the summary will be the beginning, not the end, of investigations into US torture to ensure it never happens again.”

Lt.Col. Dave Grossman States:
The treatment of POWs had been addressed by an instructor at Ranger school, and he clearly communicated his personal belief that in a raid or an ambush, a patrol could not be expected to take POWs. I had noted that most of the outstanding young soldiers coming to us from the Ranger Battalion shared …this Ranger school belief. To confront this belief I said basically, “If the enemy finds just one massacre, like our soldiers did at Malmdy in the Battle of the Bulge, then thousands of enemy soldiers will swear never to surrender, and they’ll be very tough to fight. Just like our troops were in the Battle of the Bulge when word got around that the Germans were shooting POWs. In addition, that’s all the excuse the enemy needs to kill our captured soldiers. So by murdering a few prisoners, who were just poor, tired soldiers like you, you’ll make the enemy force a damn sight tougher, and cause the deaths murders of a whole bunch of our boys. “On the other hand, if you disarm, tie up, and leave a POW out in a clearing somewhere because you can’t take him with you, then the word will spread that Americans treat POWs honorably, even when the chips are down, and a whole bunch of scared, tired soldiers will surrender rather than die. In World War II an entire Soviet army corps defected to the Germans. The Germans were treating Soviet POWs like dogs, and yet a whole corps came over to their side. How would they behave if they faced a humane enemy?

Calvin Lawrence

Should I Be Saying, “Shame On You Mr. President!!”?

Before I begin this critique, I would like to refresh the memories of those who doubt my credentials on this topic.  Firstly, I am a trained (Counselling/Clinical) Doctoral level psychologist who focused on the area of conflict in his studies.  (I will add proudly here that I graduated from the RCMP training academy in 1982. I cherish my time spent in the RCMP).  Moving on from there, I will cite only some of the training and experience that will pertain to my comments on the recent decision made by the American President (he took credit for the assassination(s?) and as of 08/12/14 he had explained that his decision was made without knowledge of the imminent release of one or both of the kidnap victims).    Read more…

Paulson Testifies – Old Boy’s Club Alive and Well!!

See this article:

Good for the member who took the commish to court. You have my support.


An RCMP Spouse’s Plea

A letter my wife wrote to Public Complaints – Never any follow up. We must find a way to get the truths out
November 26, 2014

Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP
Western Region Office
7337 137 Street, Suite 102
Surrey BC
v32 1A4

To whom it may  concern:

My  name is Carol Marie Villeneuve, my husband has been employed by the RCMP since October, 12 1976. On August the 1st, 2003 he was suspended due to false allegations by members of the O Division senior managers. Read more…

Living with the Past – The RCMP way of getting their Man, within budget.

This was Posted by myself on Kerrie Ann Brown, Murder sight. Hoping that RCMP would tell truth. It will never happen they simple threatened everybody concerned with the RCMP Act.

This is Jean Marc Villeneuve again,( RCMP member retired, 30 years), I have patiently waited for the RCMP to do the right thing for the Brown family.  On the day after she went missing ( now remember her body was not found until 2 days later), Telecoms Thompson Det. received a call from a male with native accent.  He said he was calling from Norway House and was terrified that the call was being recorded.  Telecoms tried to tell him that he had nothing to worry about and to just talk to me and maybe I could help him.  He said that someone had been murdered.  As much as telecoms tried they could not get any further info.  Remember this was two days before the body was found. Read more…

Questions for RCMP Members

At one time I trusted the RCMP but have been disillusioned by rcmp corruption in Mississauga -airport , hamilton, ottawa, and Milton. What have been your members experience with rcmp blocking, hiding corruption evidence for members of the liberal and Conservative party. What has been their experience with GTA authority word smithing to protect actions of politicians. When improper tools are used to the banks to determine assets offshore by government officials what is your members experience in being told to harass and arrest whistle blowers when bona fide evidence of politicians innocence has not been substantiated?  What have been your members experience in protecting federated banks engaged in improper financial transactions.

Concerned Citizen


FYI – Federal Court Decision – Boogaard


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